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Ready when you are

Whether it’s grabbing your backpack and hitting the trail or a laptop backpack to join in the hustle and bustle of the city, you always want to have a pack you can rely on and not slow you down. Thule backpacks are stylish, safe, and easy to use – and tough enough to follow you wherever you want to go.

With Thule backpacks you can always expect:

  • Rugged yet stylish and comfortable designs that protect your precious cargo
  • Custom-fit backpacks for backpacking and hiking trips
  • Special backpacks for carrying cameras, skis and snowboards or even a child
  • Smart features for organizing your gear and getting more out of your adventure

Designed with you in mind

Whatever you plan on doing, you need a backpack or laptop bag that is fully designed for your activity – and even your own body. Thule backpacking and hiking backpacks are custom-fit to suit male or female frames as well as adjustable for different torso lengths. They’re also built to place the load where it’s most comfortable and let you walk naturally to ensure you’re free to get the most out of your day.

Tested by people, machines, and Mother Nature

Inspired by our own love for getting out into nature and living life to the full, we’ve made sure that Thule backpacks and laptop bags will never slow you down. They’ve been tested to the limit for safety and resistance to wear and tear from heavy-duty activity and tough weather. They’ve also been tested exhaustively for comfort and ease of use. Because, as we know ourselves, you want to be free to enjoy your passion.

Laptop backpacks

A Thule laptop backpack stylishly protects your laptop and cleverly organizes your other daily gear. Find your ideal computer backpack.

Camera backpacks

A Thule camera backpack is perfect for capturing any adventure – thanks to safe and stylish protection of your camera and gear. Just take your shot!

Backpacking and travel backpacks

Thule backpacking packs help you carry your gear comfortably to the end of the trail. And they’re fully customizable to fit you perfectly.

Hiking backpacks

Thule hiking backpacks are expertly designed for comfortable day hikes or short overnight trips. And customizable to fit your body and your adventure.

Backpack accessories

Protect your backpack. Valuable accessories to protect your gear when you are outdoors.

Child carrier backpacks

A Thule baby backpack is the ideal child carrier. Safe and comfortable for both you and your little one, it lets you share a perfect day on the trail.

Biking backpacks

A Thule biking backpack is ideal for storing your gear on the way to work or on longer rides. You’ll love the smart, stylish, and durable design!

Thule Crossover 2 Backpack 20L

A durable everyday backpack designed to keep everything organized and protected while on the go.

Thule Crossover 2 Backpack 30L

Purposely designed to keep everything organized, accessible and protected throughout your travels.

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